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Who We Are

Welcome to Inspire Aerial Arts : Where Everyone Can Fly


Who We Are

Welcome to Inspire Aerial Arts : Where Everyone Can Fly


Welcome to Inspire Aerial Arts.

We are an aerial arts studio where students of all demographics can express themselves and learn to fly.


Located in the heart of Atlanta, our studio offers aerial silks, aerial fitness and performing arts classes.  Our instructors are passionate and dedicated to providing professional instruction in a safe and positive environment.


Aerial arts is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in paralysis or death if practiced in an unsafe manner or without the supervision of trained professionals.

We take your safety very seriously.  

Our aerial fabric (also known as aerial silks) is designed to hold a maximum of 2,000lbs and our rigging will hold at least 10,000 lbs. We maintain a regular inspection schedule to keep our equipment in good working condition and work above 6″ mats that are designed to absorb high impact forces.  We carry specific insurance coverage for aerial instruction and maintain CPR certification for all of our teachers.  

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Kimberly Sende


From sky diving to flying glider planes, Kimberly has always been drawn to being in the air.  In 2008, while studying for her Master of Public Health at NYU, she stumbled onto a circus school that offered aerial classes.  From the moment she went upside down, she was hooked.  

Her passion for aerial arts led her to attend professional teacher training with the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) and she has trained with countless professional aerialists and Cirque du Soleil artists from around the world. Her vision is to help others to see the beauty  in themselves through aerial. 

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Studio Manager

Michael Sanders is a professional actor and graduate of Auburn University. He has been performing on stage for a decade and completed his certification to teach Level 1 Aerial Silks at the Destin Pilates and Aerial studio.

He firmly believes in the physical advantages of aerial arts, but is even more attracted to the positive mental health benefits gained from pushing your limits and achieving your goals.

Michael believes that people of all ages and backgrounds can begin their aerial journey no matter their stage of life. He believes aerial arts has significantly and positively impacted his stage presence, body-awareness, and confidence on stage. He urges actors and performers to try their hand at it and discover the benefits for themselves. War Eagle!

Samara Baldwin


Samara Baldwin is a professional ballet dancer and graduate of the Nutmeg Conservatory of the Arts.  She studied with Milwaukee Ballet and Joffery and has performed with several theatre throughout the U.S.  In addition to ballet, Samara has been a student of Pilates since the age of 11 and currently teaches Pilates and ballet throughout Georgia.  

In addition to Pilates and ballet, Samara has completed professional aerial teacher training with the Circus Arts Institute and continues to expand her aerial horizons every year.


leisa Brewer


Leisa Brewer's dance background encompasses diverse movement styles such as tap, ballet, jazz, modern and African dance.  Her exposure to differing dance forms directed her to try aerial silks.  Since her introduction to aerial arts, she has fallen in love with flying and continues to seek opportunities that will broaden her aerial experience. 

Continuously finding her way into a class setting, Leisa has also fallen in love with the joys of teaching, resulting in her capacity to create a safe, yet exciting space that engenders a positive learning experience for all students.



Alicia is a theatre graduate from the University of Georgia and a professional dancer and aerialist with Inspire Angels. She has been a dancer and entertainer for ten years.

Alicia has toured the United States, Japan, and South Korea in theatrical productions including Drumline Live and has performed on multiple stages throughout the country including Walt Disney World, Clubesque, Bronner Brothers Hair Show and the NHL All Stars Parade, to name a few. Alicia was featured as a principal dancer in the VH-1 television film Drumline 2: A New Beat and has performed as an aerialist throughout Georgia.

Happiness is her life's work -- spreading it to others as well as creating it for herself.



deandrea clark


DeAndrea comes to our studio from Lynchburg University's Gymnastics Club where she performed for four years.

In addition, she has competed in the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships Semi-Pro division, as well as performed in multiple aerial showcases in Atlanta.

DeAndrea's dance background is in hip hop, but she loves all genres and has had a love for dance since she was a little girl. Her passion is to learn as much as she can and share that knowledge with audiences and students alike. 

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Hayley Adamson has ten years of pre-professional classical Ballet training at the Georgia Ballet where she performed in classic productions such as the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Paquita.

In 2014, she transitioned to Circus Arts and trained in Contortion and Aerial performance in North Carolina, and later at Circus Center in San Francisco. Her performances include aerial dance and acro-balance for original Clan Destiny productions such as “The Wayfarer,” and “Dreamtide”, Fox and Beggar Theatre original productions “Tarocco,” “Aquila,” and “Animalia" among others. Hayley has also performed at Gratifly Music Festival.

Combining musicality and grace with strength and flexibility, she is known for strongly implementing her dance background into her performance art. 




Beth has taught both trapeze and fabrics for the past 8 years, to youth, teens, & adults. Adults are where her passion lies, but she loves all groups. She has a background in ballet and contemporary, and has completed both D'Air Level 1 Instructor Training and Nimble Arts' Teacher Certification. 

In addition to her teaching experience, she's been training in aerial dance (mostly trapeze and fabrics, but also sling/hammock and some lyra) since 2005, starting at Canopy Studio under Susan Murphy and then later at D'Air when they opened their doors in 2007. She has been a member of D'Air's professional performing company since it's inception. 




Natalie is a positive and high energy instructor that offers her students over 20 years of combined dance and fitness experience. She began her journey as a competitive gymnast and figure skater. After obtaining her Law Degree in 2007 she returned to fitness as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Natalie currently works as a performer and a specialized instructor in fabrics, lyra, pole athletics, and sensual dance. She has won multiple performance awards and currently holds a title as a Pole Dance Athlete and performer.

Natalie encourages others to explore arial dance regardless of age, previous fitness or dance experience. She believes that with proper instruction and attitude people can do incredible things! 




Sandra Daniel has been a full-capacity staff developer for a K-8 dual immersion school since 2017 and a teacher starting in 2008.

Her aerial journey started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012 where she lived for 3 years. In Rio, she joined an elite dance group dedicated to the equilibrium of technique and health as a base for the development of artistic excellence. Sandra Daniel has performed in the Tom Jobim Theater in the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro and has participated in several performances in Atlanta.

As an instructor at Inspire Aerial Arts she brings together her passions for dance, fitness, creativity, culture and teaching.

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Contact us for information about our aerial silks and circus arts classes.


Contact us for information about our aerial silks and circus arts classes.

We are located in the heart of Midtown, steps away from Piedmont Park, minutes from downtown Atlanta. Our beautiful and spacious location features 20 foot ceilings and 2500 Sq ft of space.  


549-5 Amsterdam Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30306


Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm & 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 1pm - 3pm