What does it take to go from aerial newbie to gravity-defying Cirque du Soleil aerial silks artist? Check out this video!


No previous knowledge is required, all students welcome! 

Are you new to aerial arts?  Start here with Introduction to Aerial Dance.  This 60 minute class is designed to teach you how to balance, use your core and arm muscles while staying close to the ground. You will learn basic skills in aerial fabric (also called aerial silks) and aerial hoop, how transition in and out of poses, and even go upside down!  (You might even have some pictures to show for it).


Aerial Hammock: Prerequisite: Intro to Aerial Dance

This class is all about learning to express your emotions in a creative and unique way using the hammock suspended in the air. Students will learn fun new aerial poses and transitions, and will also explore sequencing as they learn what it feels like to flow and dance in the air. 

Aerial Fabrics 100Prerequisite: Aerial Hammock or permission of instructor

Students will learn the basics of working in the fabrics, including climbing, tying knots and learning how to make transitions in the fabrics. Students will work low to the ground. 

Aerial Fabrics 200: Prerequisite: Aerial Fabrics 100 or permission of instructor.

This class is designed to help students develop greater spatial awareness and increase their ability to work above spotting height. Students must be able to tie double foot knots evenly, perform a proper ball inversion, and hold a 10 second bent arm hang. 

Aerial Fabrics 300: Prerequisite: Aerial Fabrics 200 or permission of instructor.

This class is designated for aerial students who are comfortable working 10 - 15 feet off the ground. This class will focus on building stamina and understanding drop theory. Students MUST be able to invert in the air and execute a proper inverted crossback straddle, as well as be able to tie a clean foot knot in the air. 

Aerial Fabrics 400: Prerequisite: Aerial Fabrics 300 or permission of instructor.

In this class, we will focus on sequencing and creative transitions in and out of poses. Class will also focus on musicality and routine building. Students must be comfortable inverting multiple times, executing same or opposite side hook, and have enough stamina to remain in the air for at least 5 minutes. 

Aerial Choreography: Prerequisite: Aerial Fabrics 200 or instructor permission

There is always a story to tell through our movement & our music, especially within aerial choreography. Along with building stamina through a beautiful routine, this class will help you develop musicality, intention & character while emphasizing clean movement & lines. Be prepared to spend lots of time in the air! 

Aerial Sling: Prerequisite: Instructor permission is required to register.

Sling is a unique apparatus that allows you to create mesmerizing shapes and fully express yourself creatively. In this class, we will focus on creating fluidity in our movements through a variety of sequences, dynamic tricks and spinning techniques. Students must be able to flip in to a sling at chest height or above.


Beginner Aerial Hoop: Prerequisite: Intro to Aerial Dance or instructor permission

Our beginner aerial hoop ( also called lyra or cerceau) class is all about learning a creative and unique way to use the Lyra suspended in the air. Students will work on double point Lyra and learn fun new aerial poses and transitions, and will also explore sequencing as they learn what it feels like to flow and dance in the air.

Intermediate Aerial Hoop: Prerequisite: Beginner Aerial Hoop or instructor permission

In this class, students will develop a greater understanding of momentum and will begin to build their own sequences on single point lyra. Students MUST able to pull over on to the bottom bar, able to perform at least 1 pull up, and be able to cleanly invert on top of the hoop (from bottom to top bar).


Beginner Trapeze: No prerequisite

Intermediate Trapeze: Prerequisite: Beginner Trapeze or instructor permission


Aerial Rope: Prerequisite: Aerial Fabrics 400 or permission of instructor.

This class is for the aerial student who demonstrates a solid aerial foundation and is ready to challenge themselves on this dynamic and exciting apparatus. Students will learn beat techniques, build sequences using straight arm inversions and momentum based movement.


Fit to Fly: NO prerequisite

If you are looking to effectively train every part of your body in every way give this class a shot! Our aerial fitness classes will work your legs, core and arms to give you that extra edge you need in the air.  These classes are designed to unlock your maximum fitness potential and will help you achieve a strong, agile and well balanced body.

Stretch and Flexibility: NO prerequisite

In this class, you will release any tightness in your upper back, shoulders, hip flexors and hamstrings, while expanding your range of motion.  Great for desk jockeys, athletes and anyone looking to increase their flexibility on the ground or in the air.

Open Practice: Some experience required

Need more aerial silks, trapeze, aerial hoop or aerial rope in your life?  Come hang out with your fellow students, show off what you learned last week or take the time to perfect your moves.  Drop in for a few minutes or stay for the whole two hours, you're always welcome!


Do you learn better in small groups or private settings? Want to prepare for a show and need some guidance? Private lessons are the best way to really focus on specific skills.  Bring a friend for a Duo Session.